Production management system (Level 2)

We control more complex production lines from a superior level using PCs (level 2).









How does the process work?

Our control computer program modules, which are compiled with C++, analyse the production orders that have been e.g. entered at an operator terminal or adopted from a ERP-System (SAP...). The processing steps for the separate system parts resulting from the orders are transferred to the subordinate plc's. Other tasks include material tracing of the production batches, monitoring the processes and the provision of material tracing and production data for visualisation.
After the completion of an order, this can be reported back to the ERP system with the actual quantities. We compile an actual production protocol for monitoring quality.

Dressel process manager (controls and monitors all PC program modules)

Keeping data

The production data is saved in standard databases such as e.g. MDB, MySQL, Oracle ...

Database applications

Matching our above-mentioned production control modules, we can also offer you database masks for viewing and processing production orders, the system parameters and the actual production protocols.

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