Operator control and monitoring systems (HMI)

We offer visualisation applications to provide you with charts of your control processes on one or more PCs.

Product range
We use the following systems:


  • Intouch from Wonderware
  • MonitorPro and Vijeo Look from Schneider Electric
  • WinCC and WCC flexible from Siemens
  • RSView from Allen Bradley

What is shown.
The system illustrations show you all the important process information, malfunction messages, system parameters, recipes, etc. The system can be completely operated via the HMI system.

Standalone or Client-Server
Depending on the size of the system, you will be given an individual PC or a client-server architecture with several operating places.

All the above-mentioned suppliers now have WebClients so that the system illustrations can be shown via the office network or the Internet on any PC.

Integration of databases
We create database applications e.g. for managing production orders which we incorporate into the visualisation user interface.

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